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Welcome to The Sherbet Foundation

For families affected by enforcement action

Sherbert has been founded by Shergroup Limited to address a real social need for Enforcement Officers to do something positive when they visit a family in debt.

Established as part of Shergroup’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The Sherbet Foundation is based on the appointment of Shergroup’s senior team as Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers.

Led by Chief Executive, Claire Sandbrook, LLB (Hons), FICM, she and her team wanted to be able to do more than just walk away from a family affected by any enforcement action that Shergroup’s Enforcement Officers were required to take.

Having listened carefully to the organisations that support people in debt, Claire believed that she and her team could make a small difference to families who were either in debt or facing eviction from their home.

She approached colleagues she had known through her career spanning nearly 30 years in enforcement to ask if they would be willing to be appointed a Trustee. She was overwhelmed by the positive response with everyone agreeing to join in.

Today Sherbet has six Trustees of which Claire is one of the founding members. The Chairman is Master Robert Turner, the former Senior Master of the Queen’s Bench Devision.

Why should the industry care?

Our responsibilities are first and foremost to our clients. But debt has become a national issue and is set to become worse. There will be more enforcement action needed and the truth is that the bad practices of a small minorty of bailiffs have a negative effect on the whole of the credit-collection industry.


Debt collectors are never going to be popular but we hope that in time, through Sherbet, we can help change the perceptions the public has of the industry.

Sherbet is a way of addressing a real need in the enforcement sector to use a position of power for social good.

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If you would like to find out more about Sherbet or become involved please get in touch.

0845 890 9200

1 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1BR


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